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Recording company Natural Records is a slovakian company with more that 10 years experiences which focuses to recording of accoustic music in its natural form. The philosophy is to save the natural space and interpretation of the music, as most as possible. These conditions consider the recording places and used technics. All of our recordings are recorded exclusively in natural accoustics, triyng to transfer the natural experience of concert hall or church to listener's home. This is the reason, why all of our recordings are made using one-point, two-microphone recording technique - or at least using miking technique with possible smallest amount of microphones. We believe, that the final sound can and must consider only the musician and this is the reason why we use anbient miking, not a multi-microphone or multitrack recording, where sound engineer creates the final sound.

Two microphone technology is difficult for more reasons (it very depends on accoustics of the hall, proper placing of microphones, balance and quality of interprets...), but if all this difficulties are solved, final work is wonderful. We believe, that our philosophy is acceptable for you and will be your philosophy, too.

Our company slogan "space for music" we not interpret only that the music has very significant space and place in our lives, but in the reason, that we try to transfer the best illusion of natural space of concert hall up to the listener's home, too.

We are happy, that we are one of the first recording companies in Slovakia, that can realize recordings of music in DVD-audio quality, technically spoken in 96/24 quality - that means 96 kHz, 24 bit technology. That recording sounds much better, "warmer" than conventional 44/16 compact disc technology. 96/24 recording contains better natural space and has better "color of sound" like normal CD recording. This advanced state-of-the-art technology is used very often today. It has both, digital and analog advantages. It's digital advantages are the low noise, small and near-to-undestroyable mediums and constant, not worsening sound quality during the life time. And it's "analog advantages" are better, "warmer" sound and good, natural space. We realize whole work, from recording to making final DVD-audio discs, booklet inclusive.

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Last updated: 23 december 2009